You don’t need a vacation

You need a live you LOVE.

How to appreciate your everyday life and avoid the “back from vacation blues”.

Welcome my friends to Chapter 41 of Sanguine Stories. It’s summertime up in the Northern Hemisphere and that’s making me think of the many vacations I would take when I lived in California.

I remember when I would be flying home to California from Costa Rica and already on my laptop, booking my next vacation. I had lots of vacation days and travel miles so it was pretty easy to start dreaming about my next tropical vacation. Especially since I knew that upon arriving home, I would once again get knocked down with severe allergies. What kept me holding on [and sane] was the thought of my next vacation and being able to breathe freely again.

I know I’m not the only who feels this way. The vacation fantasy at least, hopefully not so much the miserable illness.

Dreaming about your next vacation can be fun. If you think about your tedious work schedules, the traffic, bills, noise, and overall stress why wouldn’t you want – and dream about– a vacation?

And while such experiences can make life more exciting and I do believe that people should travel more and expand their worldview, there is something more important to consider here:

Leading a happy, healthy and harmonious life is never about vacations or getaways, it is about being content amongst the chaos – to be sanguine in your everyday life. Taking a vacation is just the icing on top, turning an regular brownie [which is good in its own way], into a delicious decorative cupcake.

Escaping through travel is not the answer to the demanding job or the stressful relations in your life. It is short term happiness.

What I want for you is long lasting life satisfaction.

To create experiences that you enjoy on a daily basis.

To live life fully, on your own terms.

While I do believe that happiness comes first from within, here are a few external ways to do stop counting down the days until your next vacation and start living a life you love:

Find a purpose

Find a way to spend more time on whatever you think your purpose is. It doesn’t have to be your job, and honestly, few people turn their life’s purpose and passions into their careers. It could be anything and potentially, it could change over time. Explore what it is you love to do, whether it’s volunteering or something that is just a hobby that brings you – and maybe others – joy.  Having a purpose will give you something to look forward to each day.

Stop complaining

Complaining can make you and, sometimes, the people around you, unhappy. Remember when I shared with you in Chapter 7 of the Sanguine Stories podcast that I gave up the word UGH? There was no good or helpful reason for continuing to use that word in my everyday life.

Remember too that while we all have problems and our problems are often very valid, there are people who are far worse off than us, many of whom have found a way to be happy – or sanguine – even given their challenging life circumstances.

Be grateful and appreciate the opportunities that you have and watch your life improve.

Here’s a blog post I shared about being grateful for all that you already have and how maybe you don’t need more…

Reconnect with the child within

As a child, many of us probably thought anything and everything was possible. Embrace the fearlessness of young children. Think about what it is that you wanted to do growing up and see how maybe you can bring that same type of feeling into your life now. Follow your passions, you never know where they may lead you!

Mine led me to Costa Rica. I loved writing as a child. And stopped doing it as an adult. Until I picked it back up, wrote a book and well, here I am… living in Costa Rica now.

Remember too, we all grow up and forget to play – until we take that vacation. But it shouldn’t be that way. Choose to live life with a little more ease and allow some spontaneity in your life. Choose to play, even in your everyday.

Create lasting friendships

We are social beings. Having a network of genuine and supportive friends is fulfilling and can lead to new adventures, right where you live. Work on the friendships you have and choose to be friends with people who are with you in the good moments as well as stand by you in the not-so-ideal ones.

Take care of YOU – mind, body, heart and spirit

Your body needs proper care for you to be happy. Nourish your mind, body, heart and spirit with exercise, healthy food, good sleep, and if appropriate, a spiritual practice. Give yourself a break from television, social media, and other distractions on a regular basis.

And when you do take that next vacation, be sure to take a digital detox… choose to be in the moment, and even more importantly – enjoying the moment – rather than staring at your phone!

Share the love…

I’d love to hear from you… Are you counting the days until your next vacation or have you found contentment where you are, living a happy, healthy and harmonious life, in your day-to-day? And if so, what creates that sense of sanguine satisfaction for you? g


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chrissy gruningerChrissy Gruninger is an author and mindset coach. She mentors people on how to live their ONE beautiful life, wherever they may be. Her latest book, Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana explores her life in Costa Rica and both the challenges of working and living abroad as well as the beautiful life we can create from those experiences.

She loves her rainforest beach shack in Costa Rica, the sunshine and the rain and passionately believes that through intentional actions we create more happiness, health and harmony in the world. 

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