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Vegan Gluten Free Recipe Book!

What do cookies, curry and carrots all have in common?


It was 13 years ago that I made some major life changes.

I decided to go to graduate school, sold my house, became a yoga teacher, moved to Northern California and I became a vegetarian.

(that’s the VERY short version)

After 13 years of making my own vegetarian and vegan food, I’m publishing a book of my favorite recipes.

I decided that while I’m not a full-time vegan (but always a full-time vegetarian), that I would only use recipes that are vegan – no animal products whatsoever. I also decided to exclude all gluten products (because as much as I love bread, I do believe that many of us are eating way too much of it and there are other healthier alternatives!).

I explain more about these two important choices inside the book!

vegan cookbook, gluten free cookbook, vegan recipesIn Wildhearted Cooking, you will find 50+ divinely delicious and KIND recipes.

I’ve also included stories (because I am a storyteller, after all!) about the recipes and some funny anecdotes.

This recipe book is for ALL people – omnivore, vegan, raw, vegetarian or somewhere in between. There is no judgment on the food choices you make, only new options to consider.

Ready to get cooking?

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