How to walk your talk

and what that really means
Sanguine Element 5: Authenticity

Simple Steps to a More Authentic YOU


Often times, in the back of our minds, there is an image of who we are and how we want the world to perceive us.

So take a moment and think about who you truly are. Look within. And think about how you’re really showing up in your life and out in the world.

Think about the different scenarios in your life, your daily interactions. Are you being the same person for the most part, with each person you encounter? Or are there any disconnects in which you are pretending to be someone else?

Take into consideration too that there are also certain “rules” that we generally follow in society. Like if you’re working in a corporate setting, you probably will refrain from swearing in front of your boss or customers.

But other than scenarios like that – are you really walking your talk and being your most authentic self?

And if not, how can you balance your true, inner self with your outer self?

As always, in everything I say and recommend, I ask that you start with your self. Who you are. How you’re showing up and letting others see you.

I’m also going to add here that while this isn’t often what we do, especially these days out in the online world, there is a natural human tendency of exaggerating good things and minimizing bad things.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love the #reallife.

Walking your talk is all encompassing: on how you conduct your daily life socially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially.

Walking your talk also means acting on your goals and desires – what you tell yourself you’re going to do.

When I first talk with someone about a new project, especially someone who doesn’t know me well, I can sometimes hear their hesitation in their voice – like they’re thinking – is she really going to do what she said she’s going to do?

And honestly, if I say I’m going to do something, I will do it. But I’m also careful not to over-commit or to put any super strict or restrictive deadlines on it.

Not that I think it’s okay to wait 25 years to do something or to have a project that’s always on the back burner – life is way too short for that!

But just look at my example of moving to Costa Rica from California. I originally said I was going to move to Costa Rica in 2008 – that’s when I first stated – “I’m going to move to Costa Rica“. At the time, I also said:”I have no idea how I’m  going to make that happen.” I just knew that I would. And four years later, I did.

Manifesting your inner self out into the world is how you truly LIVE an authentic life, your ONE beautiful life, walking your talk and allowing the rest of the world to see – and know – who you are, at your core.

One crucial element of walking your talk?

Your words must align with your actions. If you fail to do so, other people may judge, mistrust or doubt you.

Let’s say you want to be seen as a reliable person. So your words and actions need to align and to express that reliability.

If you want to be seen as reliable but you are always running behind, not showing up on time for meetings, not completing tasks by their deadlines, then you’re really not walking your talk of being a person that others can depend on.

I’ll add here – Words can be powerful forces that take our dreams and goals and present them out for the world to see – just like when I told my friends on the Point Reyes Seashore that day back in March 2008 that I would be moving to Costa Rica – but it’s the actions you take on those words that will have the most meaning and represent your authentic self.

When you walk your talk, it allows you to be more authentic in your interactions and it allows you to avoid living in lies or camouflage, showing up as a person that you’re really not.

So how can you be your authentic self and reflect out to the world who you are and what you stand for?

Integrity is a core aspect of walking your talk.

It empowers you to live in alignment and lead a consistent way of life – in all facets of life. Of course, going back to that first example of the corporate setting, you may have to balance some of your authentic self in certain settings.

As you begin to explore this idea of walking your talk in all aspects of your life, stop and ask yourself:

  •         How credible are you?
  •         Do the people in your life believe in you?
  •         Would they vouch for you?
  •         Do they trust that you will do as you say?

I feel really blessed that the majority of my clients come from referrals. That is a direct representation that the people who work with me, trust me, and trust that I will take care of the people they refer.

Walking your talk is about building trust through integrity, consistency, being discerning and not putting on a false face. Showing up as your most authentic self.

How can you improve and help people see the real you?

  • Create the behavior you expect from others. For example, employees feel inspired when they see their boss showing up in the same way as he or she requested of them. Want your kid to act a certain way? Be a role model and ensure your own behaviors are aligned with what you’re asking of your kids.
  • Fulfill any promises made and avoid making guarantees that you are unsure that you can do. If the plans get derailed, communicate that to those involved and come up with solutions. Be a problem solver – not a problem maker.
  • Be open and honest about your capabilities, either in personal or professional settings.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and don’t place blame on others.
  • Set realistic goals – for yourself and with others.

By walking your talk, you’re likely living a more fulfilling — and sanguine — life because you’re taking intentional action, acknowledging both the good and the not-so-ideal.

Walking your talk empowers you to handle every challenge you face with more strength, courage and presence. It enables you to be humble and graceful for what you have achieved.

As the seasons of your life progress, it allows you to consistently lead a happy, healthy and harmonious life… ensuring internal conflicts or external problems don’t arise because your inner and outer self are aligned.

Look within. Determine how best to align your inner and outer self so that you can live a more balanced, fulfilling and sanguine life.

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Now over to you…

Are you walking your talk?

Need some help? Not sure how best to walk your talk? My Inherent Harmony DIY online program gives you the tools you need to do just that – to live a life in alignment with who you are and how you want to show up in the world. g


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