Slow and steady wins the race

There are no quick fixes in a sanguine life.

Surrounded By Abundance, Yet Still Feel Empty – Here’s Why

Hello my friends, welcome to Chapter 42 of the Sanguine Stories podcast. This month we’re exploring personal wellness, how to be well, to live well.

And the pursuit of happiness, it’s part of our culture – at least in the US it is. It’s even a part of our Declaration of Independence.

Now, 200+ years later, advances in science and technology have shaped a world in which answers are only a few clicks away, friendships develop across the globe in weeks, and our every whim can be satisfied almost immediately.

With instant gratification available to anyone with an internet connection, discipline, discernment and delayed rewards have become collateral damage.

With all the rich resources online life has to offer, have we become a world of quick fixes? Or is there room for long-term investments that pay lifelong dividends?

Using my own programs as an example, I started offering my Simply Sanguine 30 day program a few years ago, and since that time over 1,000 people have gone through the program. But I was told by many experts in the online world – Chrissy, that’s way too long, no one will follow through with all 30 days, people just want a quick fix.

I was disheartened to hear that from so many people. It’s why I long held off on doing a “short” program –

But a few months ago, I decided to create a free 5 day challenge on mindful living.

And while I know I can’t change your life in 5 days, I knew I could help you improve it and give you the tools to continue on the path of living a happy, healthy and harmonious life.

Here’s the thing though:

YOU have to be willing to take the next step – that’s when the magic really happens. When you choose to stop living on the surface of life and go deeper – making a long term commitment to live a better, more fulfilling life.

While I know that the 5 day challenge was a success for many, giving them the first steps to living more mindfully in their everyday life, becoming more aware of their words and actions and changing their behaviors, there is still so much more work to be done!

If we truly want to live a wildhearted sanguine life, our learning and growing and transforming never ends.

And for those who took the next step and signed up for the Simply Sanguine 30 day program, they’ve reached out and told me how it transformed their life. But they were the ones who were willing to show up each day and do the work.

Happiness and contentment – or being sanguine – involve meeting your wellness, relational, spiritual, financial and material needs. And that can’t be done in just 5 days.

For most of human history, developing long-term success in these areas was a product of years of sacrifice and committed dedication – similar to Aesops’ fable of the ant and the grasshopper.

And now, despite living in relative luxury, more people are reporting unhappiness and dissatisfaction than ever before.

So let’s explore some of the ways long-term solutions can improve your mind, body, and spirit and sustain a sanguine life.

Developing Relationships

People with shared hobbies can meet others with similar tastes from anywhere through the internet on message boards and groups, connecting individuals regardless of distance.

Online dating is the most common way to interact with other singles – the phrase “right swipe” has replaced “Mister Right.”

As meeting people online becomes more common than face-to-face interactions, some of the nuances of human interaction have been lost. When we replace human contact with a digital screen – no matter how much we enjoy interacting with our online communities – the quality of our “real life” relationships suffers.

Instead of relying on the quick fix of logging on for friendship and romance, consider starting at home. Many communities have clubs for just about every interest – sports, gaming, scrapbooking, church groups and book clubs are common. You may need to search a little, but having real life / in person interaction with others is an important component to satisfying human relations.

Physical health

Your doctor may tell you to eat better and move more. It’s not just sedentary habits that cause long-term health issues – the artificial blue light from our laptops and phones creates eyestrain and causes headaches, as well. While we’re online, we’ve probably noticed some quick fixes for our health and beauty.

Face-tune and photoshop make photos look model-perfect. Celebrity make-up lines are available to cover every flaw. If we’re dieting or want to improve trouble spots – flatter tummy, bigger biceps – there’s a pill, a wrap, or a superfood that promises health, attractiveness, and a better life.

Are these physical quick fixes actually a substitute for mindfully choosing better eating, sleeping and exercise habits?

One statistic I found states 90 percent of diets fail – so maybe these “get thin quick” cures don’t work.

However, other studies have shown that those who embrace physical fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle, rather than a quick fix, have lost excess weight, have more energy, and even seen improved skin and hair texture.

Lifestyle changes require hard work and dedication. It may mean you can’t indulge your every whim for chips or candy – it may mean that you’re hitting the gym instead of sleeping in.

Priorities need to shift, if you really want to live a happy, healthy and harmonious life.

However, a healthy body is a gift that keeps on giving. You’ll lower stress levels and enjoy less frequent illness. You may even reduce your risk for certain kinds of cancer, or other degenerative illnesses.

Instead of a magic pill, commit to a slow and steady journey to good health. Which reminds me of yet another Aesop fable – the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race! Your mind and body will thank you.

Easy money

The “get rich quick” scheme is a cliché, and for good reason. The appeal of little work for lots of money can tempt anyone. There are many kinds of these companies in our world today – the promise of working from home, selling candles or facial products through social media and becoming a millionaire overnight, it’s likely all over your facebook feed right now.

Some of these “little work, fast pay” schemes seem too good to be true – and they often are.

The old saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” didn’t come from nothing. Hard work, eagerness to take on additional responsibility, and being easy to work with will place you in a much better position to earn a promotion, bonus, or better salary.

Working hard (or as I like to say – working smart) can be its own reward, and earning your own riches is much more satisfying than short term success.

When we are slow and steady to achieve our goals, then the prize at the finish line is much sweeter.

Whether you’re cultivating friendships in a new social group in your community, eating better foods and improving your physical fitness, or dedicating yourself to career success, slow and steady choices will – more often than not – win the race.

As always, thank you for being a part of my community.

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