Sanguine Stories

 with Chrissy Gruninger

 Sanguine Stories

 with Chrissy Gruninger

Sanguine Stories explores how to thrive in an imperfect world: to create contentment amongst the chaos.

Join Host and Happiness Mentor Chrissy Gruninger as she takes a deep dive into the lessons she has learned by living a sanguine life. Come along on this soulful adventure that will lead you to right where you belong – deeply rooted in the center of your own wildhearted life.

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What people are saying

“I love this podcast! I love Chrissy’s insightful views on sanguine living, they are truly relatable and refreshing.”

“Chrissy shares a wonderfully relatable view of how we can choose to live our lives to the fullest, stay as in love with our life as possible. As we face our daily ups and downs while navigating the ever changing world around us. Listen and learn how just about any adversity can have a sanguine outcome, if we can shift our perspective.”

“Laid back listening for Sunday afternoon while my dinner is cooking. Helps me get in a chilled positive mood and sets me up for the week.”

“Chrissy’s storytelling style is thoughtful and uplifting! This podcast is the perfect thing to listen to when you’re feeling grumpy. She will put you in a better mood right away; because we shouldn’t plaster over our darker emotions but because she models for us what it looks like to welcome all parts of our self to the table.”

About Chrissy

Chrissy Gruninger is an author and happiness mentor for those who want to live simply and wildheartedly. Coaching people toward wholeness when they’re ready to light up the world. Her latest book, Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana, is now available on iTunes and Amazon. She loves her 400 square foot jungle home in Costa Rica, the sunshine and the rain and passionately believes that through intentional actions we create more happiness, health and harmony in the world. 

Her goal: to empower others to thrive in an imperfect world. 

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