Hi! I’m Chrissy Gruninger.

California born and raised, living in Costa Rica.

Author of 10 inspirational eco, wellness and travel books (with 2 more on the way!).

A yoga teacher and happiness coach.

I love my life and all that I do … each and every sanguine moment.

But it wasn’t always that way…

In 2012, me, my 17 year old cat and a combination of 10 duffel bags, suitcases and a large chest exited the terminal in Liberia, Costa Rica and took our first deep breath in of our newly adopted country.

Not knowing at the time just how lost I would become and the challenges that laid ahead.

Where was my Zen-in-Paradise Fantasy?

Life here in Costa Rica…well, it’s not so easy.   For the first 2 years, there seemed to be this incessant dark cloud over my head, only I was told by locals and long time residents, it wasn’t the cloud overhead, it was that Costa Rica was under my feet. Simplicity and mindfulness went out the window.

I had to learn “The New Normal”

The new normal was that crime was rampant (I’ve been robbed at knife point and my house has been burgled 3 times – I even learned there was a difference between a robbery and a burglary). I learned that it was just normal to spend 3 hours in a bank waiting to deposit a check because the ATM’s outside don’t offer that feature. I found out that not only was this country sexist (which I kinda already knew, it is a Latin country after all), but there was also racism that I’d have to deal with. Both amongst themselves and directed at me, as well. The new normal – in the beginning – also included hanging out with people who had a Spring Break lifestyle and mentality. All the time.

I had to dig deep and really remember who I was and how I wanted to show up in the world.  I had to remember the kind of life that I wanted to live and the work that I wanted to do.

I had to take this “new normal” and figure out how my best self could live inside of it… and still be me.

I have now found a way to make it work here, to live a happy, healthy and harmonious life and to appreciate both the sunshine and the rain. The light and the dark.  The good and the not-so-ideal.

With every step I take, I make it one of intention + action.  I’m not perfect, I fall down all the time (literally and figuratively!) but I always pick myself up, brush myself off and keep moving forward.

Here’s (the short version) why this is so important to me

My mission in life, everything I do, is to empower others to thrive in an imperfect world.

To help people find happiness where they are. To live beautiful, vibrant and meaningful lives. To see themselves as whole and supported. To create positive ripples out into the world. To always find the rainbow. Every day.

I call this: Living a Sanguine Life

I coach people to be more happy, healthy and harmonious in their everyday lives, producing positive ripples out into our beautiful world.

I’m here to help you show up in the world, create a meaningful life and have your message heard. Whether it’s working on your own inner harmony or wanting to share your message with the world, I can help you make that happen.

Learn more about my Happiness Mentoring, DIY Inherent Harmony program and Wellness Retreat here.

The grass is green where I am because I make it green.

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