Love and Lemonade


Long before Beyonce made it popular, I’ve been talking about love and lemonade…

My friends, welcome to Chapter 36 of Sanguine Stories. This month we’ll be exploring the concept of how to be resilient, Sanguine Element #4. And how appropriate since this week marks the 6 year anniversary of moving to Costa Rica.

Living in Costa Rica has NOT been easy.

It is not a picture-perfect paradise to live in, by any stretch of the imagination. To vacation in, yes. To live in, not so much.

Over the years, I have had many people tell me how impressed they are that I’m so “resilient”. And while I appreciate their sentiments, it can be tiring as well. The fact that I am always having to be resilient. Always having to pick myself back up, brush myself off and continue to move forward.

And it sometimes feels like it’s ALL THE TIME. Like I just can’t get a break. A friend here in Costa Rica often says (and I agree): siempre hay algo (there is always something…).

I know how hard it is, when it feels like life keeps knocking you down or handing you lemons – which by the way, don’t even exist here but somehow still — figuratively in my life — show up ALL THE TIME.

In no way, shape or form do I have a picture-perfect life. My life is messy and complicated and sometimes downright ugly.

But I have learned to live with more ease, to create contentment amongst the chaos.

This month we’ll been exploring resiliency, a skill that we can all learn.

The more you can build up your resiliency muscle, the easier it will become to bounce forward and feel more balanced and centered in your everyday life.

Being resilient takes perseverance and patience, fortitude and faith.

It requires courage and commitment.

It means, essentially, choosing to be sanguine.

And it will get easier over time. Because you will begin to embrace being sanguine, each and every day.

Things may still bother you, they may get you down, you will likely still get impatient and frustrated… but you will have also learned that you can only do so much. You can only control so much in your life and little by little, you’re able to learn to be resilient more quickly… when you remember to be sanguine.

I have said often that I’ve been living a sanguine life for much of my adult life. Of course, it was only a few years ago that I actually learned the word, sanguine.

If you’ve read my book [if not, check it out here], you know the challenges, missteps and failures I have experienced here. Many of you have reached out and asked me… OMG why do you stay there?? That place is crazy! I’m halfway through Part 1…does it get any better?

[Yes, it does, in Part 2]

Life is always challenging, wherever you may be. It’s why I tell people:

Making massive changes in your life…

Moving to a new country, getting married, having a baby… Those aren’t necessarily going to fix your problems or make you happy. They may actually make your life even more complicated on top of the problems that you’re already having to manage.

And that’s honestly why I choose to stay. I know, wherever I go, there will be challenges. But I have my sanguine strategy, my blueprint for living my ONE beautiful life with more happiness, good health and harmony. I know how to look within, tap into my inherent harmony and find contentment amongst the chaos.

Life will always have its ups and downs, twists and turns. Teaching yourself how to be sanguine amongst it all is one way to better handle what comes your way.

For years now, I’ve been ending my emails that I send out with my weekly posts with:

Love and lemonade,


And I do that because I want you to know that I’m sending you lovingkind thoughts and also to remind you to add a little sugar to those lemons that life hands you and make some refreshing lemonade. To choose to be sanguine.

Want to get started on learning how to be sanguine? To live a sanguine life?

My 30 Day Simply Sanguine Challenge and Inherent Harmony online programs are both good places to start on learning to live your ONE beautiful sanguine life. There’s no reason to wait for the new year or some big occasion. You can sign up and receive instant access. Get started today!

Thank you, my friends, for being a part of my community. Until next time, be simply sanguine.

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I’d love to hear from you… Do you embrace being resilient? Do you find yourself able to manage the everyday chaos with ease? g


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chrissy gruningerChrissy Gruninger is an author and mindset coach. She mentors people on how to live their ONE beautiful life, wherever they may be. Her latest book, Lost and Found in the Land of Mañana explores her life in Costa Rica and both the challenges of working and living abroad as well as the beautiful life we can create from those experiences.

She loves her rainforest beach shack in Costa Rica, the sunshine and the rain and passionately believes that through intentional actions we create more happiness, health and harmony in the world. 

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