Lost your balance?

how to feel grounded and re-center yourself
Sanguine Element 3: Grounded


How to find balance in life


Being grounded. Grounding yourself.

It can mean many things:

  • Feeling connected to the Earth
  • Connected to other people.
  • Connected to your own Body. Mind. Spirit.

But on the flipside, you may be feeling somewhat disconnected and unstable in your everyday life. Missing out on life because you’re caught up in your own thoughts, worries and stories.

You know you want to live mindfully, you want to live your best life possible and show up as your best self possible but maybe your world is topsy-turvy and nothing seems to be going right.

Are you Ungrounded?

If you feel disconnected, disoriented, careless or confused, it could be a sign that you are ungrounded.

Here are a few other signs you may need to re-center yourself:

  • Mentally – You are always daydreaming about the future [or caught up in thinking about the past]. No intentional action is being taken. You may feel lost, confused, unfocused or foggy.
  • Emotionally – You are focused on repetitive worries and negative thoughts rather than on what’s going well… as well as how you can show up and help others.
  • Physically – You are clumsy and bump into things or are constantly tripping and falling down.

7 ways to re-center and ground yourself

Learning what works best to ground yourself will help you stay focused and proactive in all aspects of your life.

Here are 7 ideas for grounding, centering and balancing yourself and your life:

  1. Yoga. Asanas like sun salutations can be a beneficial aid in centering and grounding yourself.
  2. Other forms of exercise can also help, especially those that require your full physical presence. Choose exercises that require you to feel your feet strongly on the earth – like running, walking meditation, or hiking. Even an activity like rock climbing, while it may seem counter-intuitive — creating imbalance in your life — can help as it requires you to create a sense of stability and strength. Taking intentional action with every step you make.
  3. If you like good scents in your home, use essential oils that help bring you into a state of confidence and ease. I like orange and lemongrass but each of us will be different.
  4. Dry brushing in the morning can be one way to ground and nurture your body and spirit. It helps you reconnect with yourself both physically and mentally – from your feet up to your head.
  5. Journaling can help to recenter yourself. Writing down what’s going on helps you visually see it, which may help you begin the process of determining what your next steps should be to center yourself and move in a positive direction. Listen to or read the transcript of this podcast where I share a simply daily journaling activity to help ground yourself.
  6. Affirmations, Mantras and Prayer. Choosing an affirmation, mantra or prayer and repeating it throughout the day can help you feel more strength, courage and present during times of stress and unease.
  7. Objects. Choosing an object to hold onto or carry around with you, like a crystal or stone, can act as a tool to bring you back to the present and remind you of the strength you have within yourself.

What is YOUR Best Way to Ground Yourself?

That will really be up to you to decide. You can choose to try out a few of the above ideas to ground yourself or think of some ways that you have, in the past, felt more grounded and balanced. What were you doing? Who were you with?

Maybe it’s an activity that keeps you in the present moment like knitting or perhaps it’s simply watching the sunrise and sunset, acknowledging the beginning and end of each day.

Share the love…

Now over to you… 

Do you feel grounded and in the present moment, living life fully? Or are you struggling, feeling unbalanced and unfocused? If that’s the case, let’s work through it together… leave me a comment below or connect with me here and let’s chat.


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