Life is a Journey: How to map out your path


How to map out your path in life


A special birthday episode

Hello my friends, welcome to Chapter 25 of Sanguine Stories.  It’s my birthday tomorrow so I thought I’d share a little about my life path and how I got to where I am today.

First, I’ll start by saying that some of this came from an exercise from Tony Robbins’ Personal Power Program, a program that I highly recommend and have always loved.  He asks you to recall five of your greatest successes and write a paragraph describing each one.  Then use the examples to remind yourself that we can always find a way when life feels like it has gone awry. When our journey in life feels like it has come to a stop or is stuck in neutral.

I took that exercise one step further in order to try to retrace my path and understand where I had been and how I got to where I am now.  What were the steps taken, positive and negative, that got me to where I am today?

Here’s what my path looked like:

2000: Just before I turned 26, I broke up with my ex of 5+ years.  The man I thought I was gonna marry and have kids with.  Spend the rest of my life. Don’t all inspiring stories start with a good broken heart?

2002: Bought my first house in Orange County, California

2005/2006: Sold that house, and moved to Northern California, started graduate school.

2006: Traveled to Costa Rica for the first time and fell in love with the country.

2007: Traveled to Costa Rica for the second time and fell in love with a man. What can I say… Other than again, don’t all inspiring stories start with something to do with the heart?

2008: I stated to some friends that I had decided I was going to move to Costa Rica (if only I could find a way…). I loved it there so much, it had nothing to do with the man, remember I actually fell in love with the country first in 2006. But I’m not the type of girl who just throws everything in a backup and picks up her life to move to a totally new and different country.  I had to find a way and had no idea at the time what I was going to do. But the seed was planted.

2010: Wrote a book about my travels in Costa Rica, at that point I had made 8 trips, and sent it to a hospitality management firm there.

2011: Hired by that same hospitality management firm in Costa Rica, they reached out to me and asked me to handle their online marketing for all their eco hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Truly – a dream job for this eco wellness girl. This was my ticket, my opportunity, to be able to live in Costa Rica. And a year later…

2012: Moved to Costa Rica, became an entrepreneur.

2012-2017: These last 5 years, well I can’t give it all away, because it’s in my book! Lost and Found in the Land of Manana, Wildhearted Living in an Imperfect World… you can buy it on Amazon and iTunes.

But anyways, I digress.

If each of those steps hadn’t happened, my life would look a whole lot different.

Would I be happy?

There’s no real way to answer that question.  And really, there’s no reason to ask it.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and with every step we take, we get to choose the life we want.

Sure, sometimes, life throws us a curveball but it’s how we react to it, the actions we take, that makes all the difference.

I ended up living in Costa Rica because of the steps that I took, and they weren’t all totally planned out.  I had no idea that when I sold my house back in 2005, that I would be moving to Costa Rica, 7 years later. That wasn’t at all on my radar. But through twists and turns and life events, this is how I ended up where I am today.


Life isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey and intentional steps we take along the way.  It’s a series of moments and each moment helps create the life we have, and who we are.

how to map out your life, tony robbins personal power program, life is a journeySo today I’m asking you to map out your own life.

  1. Write down your top 5 successes in your life
  2. If needed, rearrange them so they’re in the order that they happened
  3. Reflect on each of those moments:
  • Was it a positive moment that you brought you here or a negative?
  • What were the steps you took in between to get to each of those moments?
  • What were the detours, dead ends and dilemmas you faced along the way? How did you handle them?
  • What other factors influenced the choices you made, to get you to where you are today?
  • If you fell off the path at some point, what was that pivotal moment and how did you get back on?

What’s next?  What’s your next big life adventure/success?  Write down 3 new goals that you’d like to accomplish plus 3 first steps to take to reach them.

Let’s wrap this up with a quick reminder: Life has twists and turns.

We can look back at our life and see how the steps [and missteps] we’ve taken have gotten us to where we are today.  But we have no idea of what the future holds.  So write down your 3 goals, work towards them but always be open and willing to understand that not everything works out as we want and we must be willing to shift in order to truly thrive.

Your life will have adventures as well as misadventures.  Enjoy every sanguine moment.

If you want to see a full timeline of my life, hop over to this page here.

Want to go even deeper into this practice? Check out my Soulfully Sanguine DIY Wellness Retreat.

As always, thank you for being a part of my Sanguine Community. I would love to hear about your life path and how you got to where you are, just leave a comment below!

Until next time, be simply sanguine.

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