Knowledge is Power


Knowledge… Are you getting enough of this daily essential?

Hello my friends, welcome to Chapter 45 of Sanguine Stories. This month we’re exploring Sanguine Element #8: Innovation.

I once had a conversation with a property owner who had wanted to come over on a particular day to do some work at the house. I told her it wasn’t good timing as I would be taking an online training on that day and couldn’t be interrupted. She looked at me oddly and said – why are you taking a class? You finished school decades ago, why are you still learning?


That’s a rather common sentiment for where I live. Especially in the rural areas, if they get to the 8th grade, many consider that sufficient.

Which is so very different from my way of thinking. One of the best things about life – in my opinion – is that we never have to stop learning.

Life in itself is a never-ending educational experience, and learning as part of our lives should never be limited to just the four walls of a schoolhouse and only for school-aged children.

Learning should extend beyond –into our adult lives– because it enriches our daily experiences, enhances our thinking capacities and widens the horizons of our minds.

Learning helps us become more innovative and resilient. Which hits on two of the 11 sanguine elements!

Knowledge is Power

As humans, we are not stuck where we are but rather we can keep the path open – and explore new paths – for any and all kinds of new skills and experiences. We should always be ready to learn something new, venture into terrains that may have appeared challenging or difficult, and take time to discover the unfamiliar.

We become more enlightened, wise and compassionate when we are open to learning new ways of being, doing and living out in the world. It helps us gain fresh experiences throughout the course of our life. These experiences will then make us better people and teach us how to tackle the challenges that life presents to us in innovative ways – so that we not only survive but thrive.

There are always new things that can be learned on any given day.

Learning something new every day – even just learning a new word – keeps you energized and fresh, and it keeps your brain active and alive!

The world is a huge whirlpool of experience and knowledge, and there is so much we don’t know… until we explore on the internet, take a trip to a foreign country or sign up for a class to learn something new.

New worlds can be discovered just by picking up a book – something that in general costs only a few dollars or can even be borrowed for free from your local library.

To lead a more happy, healthy and harmonious life, you must be open to and looking for ways to improve yourself for the better. It can help you so much in life – with both personal life satisfaction as well as professional gain.

Learning Makes Us Happier

Learning is not easy and at times can be very frustrating. This is always the case when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. But even though the task might be harder, we can add to our happiness level when set ambitious goals and learn something new. It’s an intrinsic happiness rather than seeking happiness externally.

One of the main reasons I created the Do-It-Yourself versions of the 30 day Simply Sanguine program and the Inherent Harmony personal development program was so that people like you could learn to be a happier – more sanguine – version of yourself AND learn how to get comfortable with the discomfort of stepping outside your comfort zone.

Learning Makes Us Irreplaceable To People Around Us

Darwin’s evolutionary theory is that only the fittest survive. He really wasn’t referencing the “strongest”, it was more about who best can adapt. Who best can innovate and handle the changes and challenges they are faced with.

In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. – Charles Darwin

While technically we are all replaceable, learning new skills helps us become more adaptable to change and if we look at just the last century and a half, from the first cars driven off the lot to the technology used for the first Star Wars movies (which we thought was pretty amazing at the time) to the lines around the Apple stores whenever a new phone is released… we can see that our world is always in a constant state of change.

Learning Makes Us Better Role Models For Others

Teaching others what you have been able to learn is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s why I love offering these podcasts and my written blogs – because I know that not everyone can work with me 1×1 but I still get to share my education and experience, supporting others in living their ONE beautiful life.

Apart from making a positive impact in the life of the person being taught, they will have the opportunity to pass the knowledge along to other people. So many positive ripples can be created by learning and teaching, rinse and repeat.

Learning Makes Us Humble

When we are looking for opportunities to learn as much as possible, we become more humble and less arrogant. When others see that we are open to learning, they tend to feel more comfortable with us. They realize we are not judging them but rather trying to understand. To find a middle ground.

Every interaction that we have is an opportunity to learn, and it is important to note that no matter the kind of situation we might be in, there’s is always a valuable lesson to learn from it.

Ongoing learning should be a part of our culture. Every culture. Around the world.

Interested in becoming a better version of your already beautiful self? Come check out the programs I offer – maybe one of them will resonate with you!

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I’d love to hear from you… What are you learning right now? What books are you reading? What other ways are you incorporating learning into your daily life? g


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