It’s not easy being green

- Kermit the Frog
Sanguine Element 3: Grounded




I’ve been talking about grounding all month and since last week was Earth Day, I thought it only appropriate to bring up a subject that gives us the ground we walk on, the water we drink, the food we eat, what sustains our daily life so that we may feel grounded and live our ONE beautiful life. That subject? Our ONE Planet.

I know… There are still people out there who are kicking and screaming, saying global warming is a myth and they’re killing endangered animals for sport, to use as trophies that someday, sadly, will no longer exist out in the wild and only their families will have mementos of, hanging on their walls or used as rugs for their floors.

It is truly heartbreaking.

Those are things that I think most of you – my community – can understand are no bueno and probably aren’t taking part in.

But there are a lot of little things that we often forget as we go about our daily lives.

That we can do better so that future generations will not only have the opportunity to see wild elephants, lions and tigers roaming the African savannah, to see grey crowned squirrel monkeys in Costa Rica, to see bald eagles in the United States… but also have a planet in which to live on… and thrive.

I know… There is a lot that one has to do to be green these days.

Turn down your thermostat, remember to bring your reusable mug to the café or bag to the store, water less, better yet, buy drought tolerant plants or just put down rocks instead of lawn, buy a composter, use a wind-up blender or even try one of those bicycle operated ones, drive a hybrid, use eco-lights, recycle, reuse, simplify, buy recycled paper, install solar panels, don’t buy plastic water bottles, don’t buy certain types of chocolate (it’s slave labor), don’t eat meat, only eat free-range, gmo-free meat, only buy organic food, turn off the water while brushing your teeth (okay, really, that one’s easy enough to remember, no?)…

And on and on and on.

I know… There is a lot to remember and I’m not going to say it’s always easy to be an ecocentric-human but it is so very worth it.

When I lived in California and would go to the store, looking at the price difference between the organic apple and the conventionally grown apple, I did sometimes pause for a moment and contemplate my options.

But I always return to the same philosophy – that being green is worth it.

Living intentionally, being mindful, conscious, ecofriendly, being pro-environment, pro-organic farmer, whatever you want to call it – it’s not a fad. It’s a reality that we need to step up and integrate into our everyday life.

Do you have to change everything in your life, right at this moment?


Here’s what I did when I was living in California.

I would hang dry about half my loads of laundry.  I walked to the post office and grocery store in the summer but not in the winter.  I rarely ate dairy products and never eat anything that was once living and breathing.

I turned down my thermostat in the winter and drank more hot tea.  I used “no-VOC” paints (that have no harmful fumes) and eco-friendly cleaners (that smelled way better than bleach) in my home.

I installed double paned windows to better insulate my home.  Almost all of the furniture I bought, and the photos and art that I framed, were sourced from eco-conscious companies and made from recycled material.

When I drank coffee, it was at my local community coffee shop and always fairly traded and shade grown. I gave up my Starbucks addiction in 2006. I used eco fertilizers and pesticides in my garden, sometimes even homemade!

I offset my travel with carbon credits and always carried my stainless steel, reusable water bottle with me.

And I still do most of that today, living in Costa Rica.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Every choice I make, every day, in California or Costa Rica, or wherever I may be… has an impact and makes a difference.

nature trash recycling

On my life, your life, the lives of the organic farmers and their employees, the life in the ocean that doesn’t have chemicals being dumped into the ground and down the drain, the lives of my community members, the lives that are yet to be born and as the photo here states so simply, nature itself.

Living in Costa Rica, I have experienced both more ease and more challenges when it comes to being eco.

Mold is a major issue here from April – January, the rainy season months where I live. I have had to breakdown and use bleach… because all of the essential oils and homemade products I’ve made didn’t get the mold out of my closets, cabinets and clothes.

If any of you have a suggestion on a different but just as good product to use for mold, I am more than happy to give it a go.  I have attempted using tea tree oil and other natural methods, but nothing has worked.

As you can see, I’m not perfect and not every single thing I do is eco. Costa Rica is actually known for being one of the worst countries for using toxic chemicals on their produce in mass quantities and finding organic fruits and vegetables here is not easy.

But I do my best to talk my talk and walk my walk as much as possible.

I really do mindfully consider my daily choices and the purchases I make – who made it, were they treated fairly, what is it made from, what is it packaged in, how far it had to travel and so on and so on.

It’s not easy being green – Kermit the Frogred eyed frog costa rica

For many of you, it’s a gutsy move to choose to be “green”. Many of the choices you make to be more kind to yourselves, others and our planet are still not widely accepted.

I know… there are many of you who struggle with family and friends not understanding your choices.

Please keep standing up for what you believe in. Stand up for those without a voice. Stand up for our ONE precious planet.

And always remember…

Your choices, your positive actions, do add up.  One person really can and does make a difference.

And my hope?  It’s that someday, these “alternative” things that you and I are doing become the conventional, mainstream way of life.

For all.

The more we stand up, the more we each demand organic, fair trade, eco, green, hybrid, reusable, sustainable… the better our chances are of making that hope a reality.

And protecting our precious planet along the way.

Share the love…

Now over to you… 

What are you doing that is helping to protect our precious planet? And what choices will you make to create positive change in your own life and out in the world?


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