Strong and Stable

[grounding guided meditation]

How to be strong and stable. Even when life falls apart.

Hello my friends, welcome to Chapter 34 of Sanguine Stories. Today we’re kicking off our month long exploration of Sanguine Element #3 – Grounded.

Feeling Grounded.

Being Grounded.

Let me ask you this:

When life falls apart, are you still able to feel grounded, on a stable foundation, living your best life possible?

OR, when life falls apart, do you feel like you’re tripping over your own two feet, falling face-first, flat on the ground? Or that the rug was swept out from under you and you’re lying on your back, unable to stand up again on your own two feet?

I get it.

I’ve been there.

Many, many times.

Especially since moving to Costa Rica. And becoming an entrepreneur. And having to constantly manage not only the weird looks I get from the people here, when they find out I’m in my 40’s and unmarried AND without children but also the reality – that all I’ve got is myself. My two cats are super cute but they’re not paying the bills.

There have been countless times I’ve been afraid because I’ve lost a client or I’ve had a major unexpected expense and I’ve watched my reserves deplete while also knowing that I’m the only one putting money into my bank account.

When my friend and I were robbed at knifepoint in front of my home, that, too, was ungrounding. And made me feel very unstable for months after (and to this day, there is still some residual fear).

While I’m not a parent, I can imagine those of you who are may also feel ungrounded at times, when it comes to your children. Especially in today’s challenging and ever-changing world.

When life falls apart, not being grounded can cause feelings of stress, unease, anxiety.

It can cause us to stop moving forward, to remain stuck in neutral and even worse, take steps backward, making unhealthy choices in our life because it just seems easier than managing all the chaos.

It is hard to be grounded when there is constant inconsistency in our life.

It is hard to always be strong and stable, especially when things are falling apart.

And yet, what I always come back to is what I’ve learned in my yoga and Buddhism studies:

Life is impermanent.

Everything is always in a constant state of change and transformation.

There will always be times in your life when you feel overwhelmed and unbalanced.

Learning to be grounded doesn’t mean life suddenly becomes picture-perfect. It means that when life goes awry, as it often does, you are able to still be strong, courageous and present.

You are sanguine.

You experience…


It means feeling grounded and focused in the moment and continuing to move forward in your life, with a bit more ease and less distress.

Next week on the blog, I’ll share with you some more ideas on how to ground yourself. To be more centered and balanced in your daily life.

For now, I wanted to share this guided meditation on grounding. If possible, do this meditation outside in the fresh air.

Guided meditation on grounding

[if you can, do this meditation sitting outside in the fresh air]

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I’d love to hear from you… How did that grounding meditation make you feel? And what do you do to feel grounded, stable, focused and mindful in your everyday life? g


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