Is 2017 to blame for all your problems?


Out with the old – how your attitude to 2017 may derail your 2018


My friends, welcome to the last podcast for 2017. Today on Sanguine Stories Chapter 29, we’ll be asking the question: Is 2017 to blame for all your problems?  And exploring how your attitude towards 2017 may just derail your 2018.

You see, as 2016 came to a close, I noticed 2 types of posts circulating amongst my friend’s personal Facebook profiles.

One was: “I can’t wait for 2016 to be over”

The other was: “Screw 2016” (often said in terms of the celebrity deaths and / or world events taking place at the time)

It was like, the thought process was – it’s all 2016’s fault.  2017 is gonna be amazing.

Here’s the thing…

It wasn’t 2016.  And it doesn’t do anyone any good to blame a “year” for all the problems that we experienced.

Personally, for my friends, it was job loss and divorce and financial issues, health concerns and a whole lot of other “adult” issues. Being an adult kinda sucks at times.  And it can be scary. But that’s life.

On a larger scale, the problems included addiction, mental illness, disease, disconnection and apathy.

So as 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to send out this message in the hopes that we don’t try to once again blame a “year” for all the problems we’ve experienced and “hope” that 2018 will be better.

Because the only way 2018 is going to be better is if you show up and do the work.  And you can’t do that when you’re wallowing and not accepting responsibility for what has happened.

I’m going into 2018 thinking it will be amazing. But I also know that it will be challenging.  There’s no getting around that unless you decide to become a monk.  And even then, there will probably be some difficulty that arises in your life.

Looking back to create a more sanguine future

This last year, I kept a journal.  Not every day but on a somewhat regular basis and on each page, I wrote at the top, all the good things that happened that day or week.  And then I drew a line and wrote all the really not-so-ideal things that happened. Just one quick sentence for each.

As I look back, I can see there were a lot of incredible highs and extreme lows and a whole lot more that fell in between.

I can see the shifts I made in myself and my relationships, my career and my life overall. I acknowledge the mistakes I made and fortunately chose not to repeat those errors in judgment or missteps so they didn’t keep showing up in my journal.

It’s natural for the most dramatic low points to stick in our minds. But mixed amongst those not-so-great experiences will be other happier memories.

So before you dismiss an entire year of your life, and hope for a better future, please take a moment to honor the real happenings of the last 12 months. Take a page, draw a line, and recognize the not-so-ideal moments, those that you want to leave behind, while balancing with the positives you want to take with you into 2018.

Maybe this year consider writing a post that says:

2017 was yet another wild ride in life.  And 2018, even with all its imminent highs and lows, will be even better.

If you’d like to get a happy, healthy and harmonious jumpstart on 2018, sign up for my free Simply Sanguine 30 Day Challenge!

As always thank you for joining me. I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a bright and beautiful sanguine 2018. I look forward to continuing to explore with you the many facets of living a Sanguine life. I have a whole brand new way of exploring Sanguine Living and I can’t wait for you to join me. Until next time, be simply sanguine.

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