Every day is a winding road


The Journey of Life is a Winding, Rocky Road, Not Perfectly Paved

Welcome my friends to Chapter 37 of Sanguine Stories. This month we’ve been exploring the Sanguine Element, Resilience.

Sheryl Crow said it best:

Every day is a winding road.

I have talked about life being a rocky road before, but I wanted, in this podcast, to go a bit deeper…

It can be tempting to compare your life to those around you. There are successes seemingly everywhere – both in personal relationships, in terms of financial security, and professionally. However, comparing yourself to others – and their accomplishments or failures – can lead to bouts of self-doubt, and worse, depression.

Instead, it’s best to understand the course of life as it is – a long, winding, uncertain, and beautiful path. And while each of our paths are interconnected, they are also unique.

Life will always throw certain barriers in your path, it will always challenge you – sometimes in more ways than others – and it will present obstacles to your goals. But believing in your vision and working diligently towards your goals will help you confront such obstacles with candor, wisdom, and thoughtfulness, leading to less stress and more success.


While there are obstacles to overcome nearly every day of your life, the way in which you react to such obstacles determines the kind of day-to-day happiness you will experience.

Starting with the right attitude, despite your position or spot on your timeline or trajectory, will ensure behaviors that accommodate all potential pitfalls.

Restart your engines, if need be. Seek out support

There are communities that can help you cope with the struggles in life and be not afraid to avail yourself of these. This can include friends, family, and professional networks. Engaging with those inside your universe will help you maintain higher spirits.

In my 5 Day Mindful Living Program, this is exactly where we started, with our attitude and our thoughts. It was amazing to see the transformations take place when people not only became more aware of the negative thoughts they were experiencing but also that minor shifts could make a huge positive difference.

Also, a positive attitude can be quite infectious – meaning that you can act as a role model and help influence others to build and maintain a positive direction as well.


One of the most central factors in your own self-worth and self-fulfillment involves your ability to truly forgive. This not only means forgiving those who may have wronged you, crossed you, or otherwise caused pain to you or to those you love; it also means being capable and responsible enough to understand your own flaws, mistakes, and errors in judgement, learn from them, and forgive yourself.

Generally, we can be our own worst critics (which can be self-motivating, in healthy doses) but too much self-criticism will lead to regret, shame, or, worse, an inability to change.

Start with the knowledge that the past is indeed the past, meaning that it cannot be altered.

Instead, learn from past mistakes by ruthlessly interrogating such mistakes, analyzing the behaviors that led to these mistakes, and correcting both your thought process and other factors that contributed to such mistakes.

Each measure of true forgiveness will build confidence for your future.


When you free yourself from the weight of the past, you can mobilize with more speed, agility, and purpose. Being a good planner will help you accomplish more long-term goals.

A good rule of thumb is to act small, but dream big.

Have a concrete understanding and a vision for where you want to be, and then work strategically and tactically to work toward such a vision.

Taking small steps will be crucial in two ways:

First, accomplishing a number of small tasks and steps toward a goal – whether personal or professional – will give you a strong sense of satisfaction each day, which will continually build your confidence and motivate your continued efforts.

Second, small steps and small successes will actually begin to stack up and move you diligently toward a goal. Who doesn’t love crossing something off their to-do list?

The important takeaway here is to have a strategic plan so that such small accomplishments can be tracked, marked, and used as a measure for your ongoing progress. With small steps in the right direction, you will find – quite quickly – that your goals no longer seem so far away and the obstacles standing in the way no longer appear much more difficult.

Living a life of purpose and fulfillment is not simple or “easy”. If it were, more people would be living their best lives as their best selves.

Instead, we see evidence everyday of people suffering under the weight of their responsibilities, jobs, personal lives, and mental struggles. But don’t let this dissuade you.

Simple steps, like the examples I’ve mentioned above, can be taken to overcome the challenges that everyday life lays out before you on its continually winding path.

Choosing to have the right attitude and a positive focus, forgiving yourself and others, and making a strategic plan – involving small steps – you will put yourself in a position to transcend the difficulty of life, and not only live a better life but also be a better YOU.

As always, thank you for being a part of my community. Until next time, be simply sanguine.

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