Last week, I wrote about the initial steps to living a Sanguine Life.  But what happens when you get tripped up and life doesn’t go the way you expect it?

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey. Fitzhugh Mullan

I found the quote above and couldn’t stop laughing.  In Costa Rica, we have a lot of potholes in the road.  And many of our roads are still dirt so that makes for one very bumpy ride (teeth knocking together, head hitting the car roof, rollercoaster bumpy).  If I focused on those potholes, every road trip would be a misery. Instead, I’ve learned to ride the bumps and wherever the road takes me, I celebrate the journey.

The Peril Of Potholes

Potholes in the road - blog postPotholes don’t just hang out on poorly maintained roads. These little critters will show up all over your personal and business life. Whenever you get tripped up, slowed down, or stuck in some minor detail, without seeing the bigger beautiful picture, you’ve fallen right into a pothole.

Perfectionists Are A Potholes Best Friend

When my inner-perfectionist is at the steering wheel, and we meet a pothole, I know I’m in a whole heap of trouble.  Once we’re in the pothole, the perfectionist spends a lot of time analyzing why we are in a pothole when we shouldn’t be (I didn’t steer perfectly) and why there is a pothole in the road in the first place (the road isn’t perfect). Thanks to the Costa Rican roads I’ve had plenty of practice navigating potholes. I can let go of my inner perfectionist need for a trouble-free journey, and accept potholes happen, they’re no big deal, let’s keep moving forward the best way we can.

Pothole Navigation Strategy

Accept potholes happenWeaving around and through life’s potholes requires the same philosophy as driving on a Costa Rican road: Potholes will happen, sometimes you fall in them, it’s no big deal, keep going.

Keep these three tips in mind to ease your way through the potholes of life:

  1. Be adaptable – don’t just blindly follow a set of rules or a route on the map. Keep focused on your journey and make adjustments to your steering as you adapt to the road ahead.
  2. Celebrate the smooth patches, don’t freak out about the bumps.
  3. At all times keep moving forward. You might get dirty, wet, muddy, but keep going.

Richard Carlson said it best: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Next time you see a pothole, see it for what it is, ride through it gently, don’t get stuck in it, and tell me in the comments below how you continued your journey.

love and lemonade,