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As we kick off our month long series on the importance of interconnections, I wanted to share with you something that is so near and dear to my heart – letting people know they matter. It seems like in the rat race society many of us live in, we have forgotten how to show others that we care, that we’re thinking of them and that we hope they are well.

Think about it – when was the last time you wholeheartedly said I love you to someone, not just as a reflex, or a quick dispassionate response but really fully said it?

Sure, it’s common to assume that the people around us care for us even if they don’t always say it. But think about just how much more love and positive energy would exist in the world if we really mindfully let other people know how much they matter to us.

When we let people know we’re thinking of them, we begin to recognize the oneness all around us ad we create ripples, near and far.

One way to begin is to be fully present with just how much love already surrounds you. Even amongst those people who you may not even recognize as a part of your life.

And it’s such an easy and simple thing to do. Not just by saying “I love you” to those close to us but also to develop and see the interconnections with those who we may not know personally…

We can show lovingkindness to strangers when we smile at them on the street, pay a coffee forward, or just tell them these two words – ‘thank you.’

Gestures like these are not grandiose and that’s the whole point – they don’t need to be. You never know what a simple and kind gesture could mean for the recipient.

How To Let People Know You Are Thinking of Them

Correspond with them – email, text, postcard, IM, even an old fashioned handwritten letter!

A short message with these words, ‘Hey, I’ve been thinking of you and hope all is well” is all it takes to let a person know they were on your mind and you care about their well being.

We might not always have the time to go and see people we care for or talk to them on the phone, but we can still let them know we are thinking of them with just a short text message or  quick note.

Most people would love to know we are still thinking about them even if we can’t always be near them. Think about if you were the recipient – how would receiving that note make you feel?

Asking About What They Are Passionate About and Interested In

When we ask people what they are passionate about, we have the opportunity to really listen and learn who they are and how they are showing up in the world. We can more deeply connect with them and let them know that we truly care about them and all that they’re doing.

Ask them about what kinds of projects for work or hobbies they are currently working on, or talk with them about a piece of art that is in their home. Ask them about their kids, their pets, their travels. Do they love to cook? Are they training for a marathon? Are they volunteering for a good cause?

Remember the old adage – You have two ears and one mouth – listen more than you speak.

Say what’s in your heart and ask for support

While we need to listen more, we also must learn to share with others how we’re feeling and ask them for support when we need it. Share what is happening in your life. Ask them for their opinion. Let them know you trust them and their feedback is important to you.

When we mindfully give and receive love to those we are most connected to, it adds depth and strength to those relationships. But more than that, this loving connection can create ripples out into the world. When someone you connect with receives your message of kindheartedness, it may trigger them to send a message to someone else they know….who may reach out to someone else, and so on and on…

Share the love…

I’d love to hear from you… Who can you turn to today, to tell them you’re thinking of them and wishing them well? g


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